5 Small Pet Birds That Are Easy To Care For

There are many bird species but what are some of the best species of small pet birds to keep at home?

In fact, there’s amost s too many too choose from including Cockatiels, Caiques, Lories, Lorikeets and Small Conures. But you’re in luck because we’re going to run down the top small birds and tell you why they make great pets.

Top 5 Small Pet Birds

Parakeets aka Budgies


These are just about the idea birds for a first-time bird owner. They are low-maintenance and easy to care for yet possess some of the some characteristics as a Parrot so they can be trained to talk.

Parrotlets aka Small Parrots


The smallest Parrot species in the world, Parrotlets are recommended for those bird owners who want a little more “spunk” from their small bird. They have much more of a personality than the typical Budgie and love plenty of attention.



While they’re most famous for their songs, Canaries are delicate creatures. They have a smaller personality than the two previously mentioned and are often recommended for quite and peaceful homes, especially without other pets or animals running about.



Most people believe Lovebirds can only be kept in pairs but they also do well on their own provided you give them the attention they deserve. A lonely Lovebird can quickly begin to feel neglected without regular interaction.



Very similar to Canaries, Finches are somewhat shy birds. However, it is important to have a large cage for them as they love to move about so they may not be your first choice if that is a limitation.